Busy, busy, busy

I’ve been working 60 to 80 hours a week lately, so I have not had much time to focus on the blog. But despite being uncommunicative, I have been doing some very interesting stuff. Integrating Node.JS with MongoDB using both Mongoose and Node-Mongo. Integrating Node.JS with Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Enterprise Server 2014’s new In-Memory […]

Load Testing Openfire Fastpath

Load Testing Openfire Redux Previously I had written about load testing XMPP servers with Node.JS and Strophe.JS. This was a quick and dirty effort that was born out of necessity, but it did not handle all of the technical components that I am using on Openfire. In particular, there is a plugin called “Fastpath” that […]

Node.JS as a Load Testing Tool

Stressed at work: Stressing Openfire with Node.JS Isn’t work great for IT professionals? You battle traffic to get into the office in order to get pummeled for some failure that was ______________ (choose one: unanticipated/anticipated, but you did not have time to address/someone else’s responsibility/other). The stress, at times, becomes unbearable. What is a geek […]

Hurricane Season

We are in the midst of hurricane season hear in South Florida. These are the hot days of unpredictable showers, when sailors dream of cooler winds, more predictable weather and mojitos in the cockpit. So far, Miami has been spared much Hurricane activity. This is good, as I have not taken Amaru out of the […]

Knockout.js and Usability of Tables

Poorly designed Tables It’s a pet peeve of mine: tables with every other row alternating color. This is a wasted and poorly executed attempt at usability. The effort is to aid in the eye tracking to a line. However, it does little to actually help. I am always amazed at how many people actually think […]

Building High-performance Node.JS Applications

I have fallen in love with Node.JS. I fell in love with the openness of the environment and the quality of the Node Package Manager (NPM). But my love has deepened with time as I learn more and more of the intricacies of JavaScript as a language. Sure, as with any love their are things […]

Node.JS and ZeroMQ: Asynchronous Messaging

About these technologies Node.JS is my preferred technology today. I love it because it is incredibly open. It seems like there are node modules to do everything except wash your dirty linens! Ok, well maybe I exaggerate, but there is a huge potential in this technology. This strength of flexibility, however, is also it Achille’s […]

Code Access Security

Code Security Note: This first appeared on an earlier version of my website. I am reprising it here, as I think that code security is a critical element that is overlooked these days.  Introduction Security within the enterprise is an often overlooked element of the software design and implementation process. All too often I have […]

Back to the Blog

After a year or so of neglect, I am getting this site up and running again. Life has been rather hectic with a lot of work and other changes, but now I am ready to focus on technology, sailing and other aspects of my life that I consider the essence of who I am. Generally […]